New Construction Homes For Sale in Mooresville NC

Beth Sterner
Beth Sterner
Published on September 7, 2016

The Lake Norman area is growing fast with an increasing number of new construction homes for sale. Over half of the states population growth occurs between Mecklenburg County and Iredell County. A stunning 42.8% of the states growth has been in Mooresville, NC. These numbers make it a great place for builders and developers to focus their attention on new construction homes.   At the end of this blog I have provided links to current inventory of New Construction Homes for sale in local cities around the Lake Norman and Mooresville area.

New Communities and Homes in Mooresville, NC

A lot of builders choose areas like Mooresville, Davidson, Cornelius, Huntersville, Troutman, Statesville, Denver and Sherrills Ford to build new homes to sell. These cities are among the fastest growing in the US, which makes the most sense for building new communities.   If you are looking for a new construction neighborhood, a builder or any home for sale, please give me a call or email me so I can help! There are numerous new construction homes and lots available to build on popping up around Lake Norman and Mooresville, NC and I am an expert in new construction homes.

Should I use a Realtor when buying a New Construction?

Mooresville New Neighborhoods

YES! A Realtor will cost you ZERO to assist you in purchasing a new home and getting you the best possible deal. A top local realtor will save you money, time and stress during the home buying process. The other day I was showing a client a New Construction Community being built in Mooresville. The onsite sales rep was telling us that the houses were selling fast in the new neighborhood and there was no negotiating room.   The sales rep informed us that the manager would not consider a price reduction because the other people buying homes in the neighborhood paid the same amount for their homes. The best Realtor will perform a comparable market analysis for the homes in the new neighborhood before arriving on site. By doing my research I found that the sales rep was indeed incorrect as several of the models had sold for between $10,000 and $20,000 less.   We spoke to the manager and she explained the homes that sold for less were previous models and the buyers were given a $10,000 incentive to buy them. Of course they jumped at the option to buy the models for less. We discussed resale value as buying a home for the price they were asking would result in an immediate depreciation because of the comps in the neighborhood.   In the end, the lot was the only remaining site to build a new home and there was no room for negotiation. If my client chose not to buy, they would have a dozen or more people lined up to pay full price. This scenario is very common in the Lake Norman and Mooresville area with the lack of homes for sale and the rapid growth of the area.   When searching for a new construction home it is crucial to hire a top local Realtor who can help save you money, time and stress. Even though I was unable to get a better price for my client in the above scenario, they will definitely be getting an incredible gift from me at closing.

New Construction Real Estate for Sale In Mooresville NC

If you are interested in buying a new home in Mooresville, it is an incredible area too. With the high number of new construction neighborhoods and homes being built around Lake Norman and Mooresville it is in your best interest to at least look into the option of owning a new home.   Most people do not understand the importance of having a Realtor working on their side when buying a new house. When approaching a new construction sales rep they are likely to know you are inexperienced and there is no way of you knowing what negotiating power you have as the buyer for your specific wants with your new construction home.   After visiting my website, a growing number of clients are requesting new construction homes in Mooresville, NC and the surrounding Lake Norman area. This is why I am dedicated to providing you with beneficial content to educate you about builders, new construction communities and the home purchasing process.

Mooresville New Communities

new construction mooresville

If you are interested in the new communities being built in Mooresville or around Lake Norman please let me know. The number of people moving to Mooresville, NC means there is a lot of new homes being built and sold as fast as the change of seasons.   It is for this reason I maintain a strong relationship with local banks so I know when developments are planned before the building starts. I can share these details with you!

Best and Worst Builders in Mooresville T

he amount of builders in the Mooresville area building high quality homes is plentiful. Buyers are anxious to find one of these builders to work with for the construction of their new home. On the other hand, buyers beware of the ‘cookie-cutter’ builders who build low quality homes to make the most profit with no customer satisfaction in mind.   After working with many local builders in the Mooresville and Lake Norman area, I have a definitive list of the best builders that put their buyers needs first. I will be the first one to tell you which builders you will want to build your new home and which ones to avoid.

If you are interested in or have any questions regarding the purchase of a new construction home in the Mooresville or surrounding Lake Norman area contact me today!.

New Construction Homes for Sale by City

Mooresville, NC

Davidson, NC

Cornelius, NC

Huntersville, NC

Denver, NC

Troutman, NC

Statesville, NC

Sherrills Ford, NC

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