Deeded Boat Slip Homes for Sale in Mooresville, NC

Beth Sterner
Beth Sterner
Published on February 12, 2017

Mooresville, NC Homes for Sale with Boat Slips. Most recently, there are over 100 homes for sale in Mooresville, NC with deeded boat slips. Be sure to read past the current listing for the best reasons to own a home with access to Lake Norman.

Here they are:

The term deeded boat slip means the boat slip is included, or deeded to the property. There are many reasons to buy a home with a deeded boat slip including:

  1. Adds resale value to the home
  2. Gives direct access to Lake Norman
  3. Owner is usually not responsible for upkeep (handled by HOA

  dock jump lake norman

  The deeded boat slip included in a home for sale on Lake Norman in Mooresville, NC is usually part of a dock with several slips.

deed boat slip mooresville nc

  The homes for sale in Mooresville, NC with deeded boat slips currently range from $275,000 to right at $5,000,000. These homes range from single wide trailers to multi bedroom luxury homes. A boat slip WILL add value to your Lake Norman home.   Do not mistaken homes with a deeded boat slip with waterfront homes for sale in Mooresville. If you are looking for a waterfront home in Mooresville, NC you can find an extensive list of homes for sale on Lake Norman here!

hauling boat

  The bottomline is if you own a boat or plan to buy a boat, you will want to weigh your options when deciding on buying a home in Mooresville. If you do not purchase a home with a boat slip, you will likely need to arrange for other boat storage options. Many communities in Mooresville, NC have a boat storage lot where you can store your boat inside a gated area within your neighborhood.   wet boat storage mooresville   Some individuals choose a home for sale in Mooresville without a deeded boat slip or boat storage. These individuals have the option to trailer their boat from either their home or boat storage lot. A great option on Lake Norman is to rent a dry or wet dock at a local marina. Every marina on Lake Norman charges a slightly different fee for dry boat storage. The marinas usually charge a monthly fee while making it easy for homeowners to access their boat during the warm months. When I last checked, the average cost for dry storage was around $150/month. The great thing about dry storage is you do not need a trailer to haul your boat. The marinas use an oversized forklift to transport your boat from the storage warehouse to the waters of Lake Norman. You will not find an easier option when buying a home in Mooresville, NC that does not include a deeded boat slip.

wet storage marinas mooresville nc

The overall benefit from having a deeded boat slip attached to your Mooresville property is the convenience. You may own a home within walking distance to your boat slip, or at worst, a short drive to the dock within your neighborhood. If you have a home with deeded boat slip in Mooresville, NC you will enjoy more time on Lake Norman and a greater resale value for your home.   If you are in the market for a home with Lake Norman access, I can help!  Give me a call today to find your perfect Mooresville, NC home for sale with a deeded boat slip. See below for the current inventory of Mooresville homes that include a deeded boat slip.


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