7 Reasons to Buy a Single Story Home

Beth Sterner
Beth Sterner
Published on December 9, 2016

Are you interested in buying a single story home in Mooresville, NC or the greater Charlotte area? I have compiled multiple lists of single story, ranch style homes for sale in cities around Lake Norman and Charlotte area. Also below you will find 7 reasons to purchase a one story home.

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A ranch style or single story house can have many attractive features that make them more appealing than two story homes. Whenever you are thinking about buying a new home you should consider the pros and cons of living in a one story home. Your physical mobility, children or no children and ease of cleaning are only a few consideration you should take into account when deciding on how many stories your home should be. One of the most important factors in your decision to buy or sell should be the value of the home. single story home 1. Safety of Children and Seniors The older adult population can have great difficulty with staircases, and if you want to buy a house you can live in for a long time, you will need to consider the challenges or climbing stairs to a second floor bedroom. You always have an elevator or chair lift installed later in life but these modification can be costly. With a little foresight you can decide if it’s worth it to have a second story even though it will likely present a problem later. Similarly, a staircase can be hazardous for toddlers who are just learning to walk or crawl. Depending on how many children you have or plan to have, a second story may be necessary to gain the additional square footage. Having stairs in your home may pose a potential danger to your small children, but investing in a baby gate is an easy way to make the stairs safer.    one story home 2. Easy Escape In the event of a fire, a single story home is easier than a two story to escape from. If the doors are not accessible because of flames or hot door knobs, you can exit through first floor windows without risk of injury from jumping. This would also hold true in the event of a break-in if you are trying to escape from the danger of unwanted people. The smoke from a fire on the main floor can rise to your second floor and make it hard to breathe and see while trying to get out. If you have a single story home you can close doors behind you to slow the flow of smoke as you flee to an easily escapable window.   one story heating and cooling 3. Heating and Cooling During the winter months it may be nice to have a second floor as heat rises, but during the summer it will be difficult to cool the second floor of your home. A ranch style home is more efficient for cooling down fast in the summer months. In a two story home you may have to turn the thermostat much lower than you would in a one story home in order to achieve the same level of comfort. Your bills will most likely be costly with the attempt to cool down your second floor. Most 2 story homes require two heating and cooling units in order to keep the house at a comfortable temperature throughout. A ranch home is cooled and heated more evenly and the thermostat will remain at a more constant temperature without overworking your units.   one story homes mooresville 4. You Might Be Lazy Some people cringe at the thought of climbing stairs throughout the day and for those, will want to opt for a one story home. Most homes are designed with the bedrooms and full bathrooms on the second story. If you have to climb or descend stairs every time you need to make food, take a shower, wash clothes, etc. you may get frustrated. Carrying a vacuum up and down stairs along with the task of cleaning the staircase it can be quite exhausting.   ranch home for sale 5. Sounds Travel In a home with two stories, the rooms below will be subject to noise traveling between the floors. If a person is upstairs trying to sleep and another person is watching TV in the room below, the sound can make it difficult for the person to get to or stay asleep. In a one story house there is more privacy and separation between the rooms to decrease the amount of sound traveling. You are likely to still hear noises from a distant room in a ranch home, but it will disperse and cause less disturbances for other people in the home.   ranch homes for sale mooresville nc 6. Easier Cleaning In a home with a second floor, you can develop dust in many odd places that will make your cleaning efforts difficult. You will have a flight of stairs, more corners and baseboards, etc., which can be very difficult to clean. In a single story home, you will be able to easily walk through the space and see the areas that need to be cleaned. With the exception of the ceiling, a ranch home is much easier to clean. The most important aspect of cleaning is a single story home will be much faster to clean and less time spent cleaning means more time doing other things you want to.   ftr_557_image 7. Better Resale Value Typically it will cost more to build a one story home, but they also tend to sell for more. Resale value is always important even when you do not intend to sell. Your financial or family life can always change and you will want to get the most money for your home if you end up needing to sell. In most cases, you will be able to list your single story home for more that two story homes in the neighborhood. The amount of money you can make from selling a one story home.

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