Luxury Homes for Sale in Mooresville, NC

Beth Sterner
Beth Sterner
Published on November 17, 2016

Luxury Homes For Sale in the Mooresville and Lake Norman area

$700,000 – $800,000

$800,000 – $900,000

$900,000 – $1,000,000

Over $1,000,000

In the Mooresville area, the definition of luxury real estate is a home priced $700,000 or more. You can search for luxury homes for sale in Mooresville on my website as well as the surrounding areas. On the advanced search page you can easily search for luxury homes in cities like Cornelius, Huntersville, Davidson, Charlotte and more!

The average price per square foot in Mooresville is lower than most cities, so you will get an incredible return on your money. When searching for luxury homes for sale in Mooresville, you have to keep in mind there is a lower quantity of houses on the market. This means you will have a different strategy for negotiating when buying a luxury home when compared to a less expensive property.

Luxury Mooresville Real Estate

I just mentioned you will need a different buying and negotiating strategy when buying a luxury home for sale in Mooresville since the inventory for high priced homes is smaller.

Luxury Mooresville Realtor

You will want to make sure you use a top local Realtor when selling or buying a luxury home in Mooresville. Tens of thousands of dollars can be made or lost by just a few percentage points when considering a million dollar home. Using a Realtor who sells luxury homes and understands the unique buying process of luxury homes in the area is crucial to your prosperity. Luxury estates in Mooresville are sold and purchased with negotiations and considerations different than lower priced homes. The reason for this is the low inventory of high priced real estate in Mooresville. A luxury Realtor will make sure clients are aware of a home matching their search criteria as soon as it comes on the market. Your Realtors keen ability to discover the seller’s motivation to sell is the best way to land a great deal on a million dollar home.

When decided on where you want to live it is a good idea to use a local Mooresville luxury Realtor, who will has the knowledge of the affluent neighborhoods that will most closely meet your needs. The common phrase ‘location is everything’ is particularly true when searching for high priced homes. No matter the criteria you are searching for, you will want to narrow down the luxury neighborhoods in Mooresville that you like the most before starting your home search. I have found that my luxury clients can often fall in love with a house they found searching the internet and end up realizing they dislike the location or the neighborhood amenities. If you are concerned about finding the best schools or a home close to your office, you will want to consider the luxury communities in Mooresville within these parameters that you like before worrying about the perfect home. Once you narrow down the area that fits your needs it’s time to start searching for luxury homes for sale in Mooresville.

Once you are ready to search for a great luxury home, you will want to find a local Mooresville Realtor to help you. Do research on the agent you are considering to ensure they will put your best interest first and not have a hidden agenda. Does the Realtor advise you to interview several real estate agents, or tell you not to? A top Realtor in Mooresville should be confident in their abilities to find you the best luxury home while keeping your best interests in mind that they will have no problem encouraging you to interview multiple real estate agents.

If your budget for your new luxury home in Mooresville is $900,000 and your Realtor is encouraging you to buy a million dollar home, RUN! You should not work with a real estate professional who disregards your budget and tries to up sell you on a new home. Your luxury real estate agent should be patient, professional and work day and night for you. You need to consider the agents understanding of today’s technology because if they don’t, you will likely miss out on a lot of great luxury homes that come on the market. This also stands true for a Realtor selling a luxury home in Mooresville as it is a great financial decision and you need to be put in a successful position.

Before starting your luxury real estate search, ask yourself the following questions.

Luxury Home Buying Questions:

  • How do I purchase a luxury home in?
  • What and where are the affluent neighborhoods in Mooresville?
  • Is the luxury home for sale in a great school district?
  • Are you more interested in the best deal on luxury real estate or would you consider paying more money for the best home?
  • Are you only considering one specific luxury community or area?
  • Can you afford to purchase a higher priced home while still living comfortable?
  • What are the most important amenities to have in your neighborhood or community?
  • Do you want or need certain features in your luxury home?
  • Are you looking for new construction luxury homes for sale in Mooresville or one already existing?

  luxury real estate   Having the knowledge when purchasing a luxury home will help save you time and money and prevent future problems that come from lack of understanding. You will want to have as much information as possible when buying an extravagant property to give you the upper hand during your decision making process. Knowing what your priorities are will help in your search for affluent homes for sale in the Mooresville area. You wouldn’t want to buy a luxury home in a bad school district if schools are a top priority for you and your family.

Questions to ask Luxury Home Sellers

  • What is the reason you are selling your home?
  • Where are you going next?
  • Is there anything about the neighborhood you did not like?
  • Is there anything about your home we should know?
  • How soon do you want to have your home sold?
  • What would you do if your home doesn’t sell?

  luxury living   The seller’s motivation is one of the most important aspects of your negotiations. Are the sellers nearing foreclosure, have they bought another home already or are the just looking to upgrade? When deciding to buy a luxury home you will want to know as much as possible about why the seller decided to put their house for sale. This information will give you the advantage when purchasing your next home and this is particularly important at a higher price range. It is always a good idea to ask for permission before asking these questions because you don’t want the seller to feel like you are interrogating them. A great way to approach the conversation is to ask if they mind you asking them some questions as to why they want to sell their home. If the seller truly wants to sell, they will be more than happy to help you with your questions.

Luxury Neighborhoods in Mooresville

Some of the most popular neighborhoods in the Mooresville area include:

You can find a lot of great luxury neighborhoods in the Mooresville area. Whether you are looking to buy in Mooresville, Davidson, Cornelius or Huntersville, you will want to make sure the community is right for you. The Mooresville area has a lot of new construction homes being built and some of the new construction neighborhoods are for the wealthy. For buyers with higher budgets, you will have a lot of options in some of the best areas.   After you decide on the perfect neighborhood for your search criteria you will want to find out more about the homes for sale in that community. Many luxury homes go on the market and sit for longer periods of time that lower priced homes because there are less people with high budgets.  Amenities in luxury neighborhoods in Mooresville can include a country club offering social events, incredible golf, pools and activities such as swim and tennis teams. The Point, River Run and The Peninsula are three luxury neighborhoods I specialize in. These three high end communities in the Mooresville area offer great amenities that include their respected country club memberships. They also offer some of the best golf in the Mooresville area. If you are trying to find a Realtor in one of these luxury communities you will need to make sure they are knowledgeable about the area and homes for sale inventory.

Amenities Buyers want in Luxury Homes

It is very common for luxury estates in Mooresville to include the following amenities:

  • Large lot sizes with privacy
  • Great location
  • Incredible views
  • Dream home entertaining features
  • Best home security
  • Smart home appliances
  • Top quality construction

  theater roomThe most sought after feature of luxury homes for sale in Mooresville is the location. When you are paying top dollar for a home you will want to be sure it has the best location. You will also want to make sure you are getting other high end features like security and privacy. A few of the other luxury home amenities in Mooresville you can expect in the upper price range include entertaining driven floor plans with extravagant backyards.   For most, the list above are all great features the higher end buyers are looking for. This does not mean they are all amenities you will need in your new home. I would recommend breaking down what is important to you into different categories:

  • must have
  • want to have
  • would be nice to have

Use these categorized features and apply them to you luxury home search in the area you would like to buy. If a house fit’s most of your categorized features it can be considered a strong candidate. Also, you will need to realize the unlikeliness of finding a luxury property in Mooresville that offers everything on your list.   outdoor entertainingStart your search for luxury homes for sale in high end communities in Mooresville before seriously looking. If you spend 10-15 minutes every day looking at homes for sale in luxury neighborhoods in Mooresville you will have a better understanding of what you can expect in higher priced homes when you are ready to buy. My luxury buyers in are on an automated listing email that sends the most relevant homes for sale for their criteria on a regular basis. My clients love that I offer this email service because it gives them the opportunity to see the most up-to-date MLS listings and compare the features of each home with their needs and wants.   If you want to get started with automated emails to stay ahead of other buyers looking for luxury real estate for sale and find the home that meets your search criteria. I can customize the most relevant search criteria for your home search so you will only receive email alerts for homes you may like.

Takeaway Advice for Buying Luxury Real Estate in Mooresville

My first bit of takeaway advice is to remember that location is everything. You can always renovate or upgrade a home to meet your needs and wants, but the location is not something you will be able to change. Creating a prioritized list of your ‘wants’, ‘needs’ and ‘would be nice to haves’ will assist you finding the best luxury community in Mooresville that will have the home you are looking for. You need to remember that buying a luxury property is a huge financial decision. If you purchase a luxury home and later determine it is not the house for you, it is likely you did not work with the best local Realtor who would have given you the knowledge to avoid mistakes when buying a luxury homes. My advice is to do your research and work with a local luxury Realtor in Mooresville and you will have a pleasant and successful home buying experience. To learn more about the Mooresville and surrounding areas, please give me a call today and I would be happy to discuss your wants and needs to find you the best luxury community! If you would like to search for luxury real estate around the Mooresville area you can start here.


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