10 Reasons to Buy a Home with a Swimming Pool

Beth Sterner
Beth Sterner
Published on April 23, 2017

If you are considering buying a home with a pool or installing a pool in your current home, here are 10 Reasons to Owning a Swimming Pool will change your life! Be sure to check out my blog about getting a Pool Inspection before buying a home with a swimming pool!

1. Staycation

The word staycation has been popular since 9/11 and even moreso after the housing market crash in the early 2000s. Families decided it was best to travel less and spend more time at home. Obviously, the more enjoyable your home is, the more likely you are to stay at home and spend less on traveling.

2. Family Time

As our society continues to make advancements in technology and we find ourselves sucked into our mobile devices more and more each day, we are are spending less and less quality time with our families. The constant distractions, whether it is TV, cell phones, iPads, etc, it is more difficult to slow down our lives for even a moment. This is the beauty of owning a home with a swimming pool. A pool offers limited distractions when the whole family is enjoying the refreshing, clear water. You will have an increasing number of smiling faces, enjoyable games, and loads of laughter. If you install a pool or buy a home for sale with a pool, you will likely build a stronger family relationship because a swimming pool brings people together.

3. Fitness10 reasons to own a pool

Many adults may consider buying a home for sale with a pool because they think it will be an enjoyable way for them to exercises. Most do not realize how much more their children will benefit from it. It is undeniable that each year children undergo a physical transformation, normally occurring between spring and fall. The time frame is important to those who may have gained a few pounds during the colder, sedentary months. When summer comes you may find yourself, and your kids, playing in the pool 3-5 hours each day instead of staring into the pantry and sitting in front of electronics. The great thing about owning a home with a pool is that when you are in the pool, nearly EVERY activity involves exercise.


4. Stress Relief

When someone is considering buy a home with a pool or a home that can accommodate a pool, they need to understand that one of the most beneficial things about owning a swimming pool is it is one of the best stress relievers. There are many people that can be stressed with work, as a parent, as a spouse, etc, but getting in the refreshing water of your pool can wash away all of those stresses.

5. Childs Bedtime

If you have children or grandchildren then you know how it can be difficult to get them to go to bed on time. During the summer months, when school is out, you may notice your kids being more wired up and less likely to want to abide by a bedtime. This is where the home with a pool comes in! Nothing will wipe out those little energizer bunnies faster than a day in the swimming pool in your neighborhood or your backyard. I know my kids often tell me they are going to bed after we’ve been in the pool for just a few hours.

6. Aquatic Therapy

Having access to a swimming pool allows the opportunity to get some exercise. Many individuals with issues like fibromyalgia, cerebral palsy, back pain and other illnesses have benefited tremendously from owning a home with a swimming pool.

7. Community Activities

If you are someone who is very involved in the community, church or activity groups, you will love having a home with a pool. You can have the youth group over for an afternoon in the pool or invite a small or large group of friends over for a barbecue. Pools definitely bring families and friends closer together.

8. Keep the Children Home

kids jumping pool

Many parents worry about their children getting older and spending more time with their friends. Whether the concern is not seeing your child as much, or worrying about the potential for bad choices, you can rest assure that a swimming pool will make your home the coolest hangout! I grew up in a home with a pool and I know first hand how I rarely had to leave to see my friends. All summer long it was the place to be!

9. The Grandchildren

grandchildren pool

Are you a grandparent? You may or may not see your grandchildren as much as you would like. Owning a swimming pool adds a great incentive to going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. During my time in real estate I have dealt with many clients who wanted to buy a home with a pool or have one installed for this exact reason.

10. Home Value Increase with a Pool 

According to the National Association of Realtors, an inground fiberglass or concrete pool can add an average of 5% to your homes value. If your home value is $500,000, having a swimming pool will add about $25,000 in additional value. Some people think pools can decrease your homes value but this is rarely the case. It is true that not everyone is looking to buy a home with a pool, so in some cases with resale you may just need to refer them to this blog!

That sums up my 10 Reasons to Buy a Home with a Swimming Pool. It will benefit your home, health and happiness!

If you or someone you know is looking for a New Home with or without a Swimming Pool, I would love to help find that DREAM HOME! I am a client centered Realtor in the Lake Norman area and continually work hard to assist my clients reach their real estate goals.

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